Classical Realism

Persians were planning 2nd invasion xerxex darius son

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Unformatted text preview: lliance of Greeks (autonomous city- states) Unprecedented alliance Primarily led by Athens and Sparta (lacidamonia) Athens = democracy, Sparta = Oligarchy (led by small group) 2 didn’t care for each other Athens = naval presence, Sparta = army Athens = leading thinkers, Sparta = militaristic culture Came together b/c fear of Persian invasion League had rules, norms, etc. Persians were planning 2nd invasion.. Xerxex (Darius’ son) planning invasion Battle of Thermopylae (480bc) Xerxex invades Invades through bath at Thermopylae Leonidas of Sparta goes to pass, to defend from invasion Persian army 300,000 fighters (not precise but large no.) Greek fighters held off invasion for 2 full days Local Greek betrayed Hellenic League Leonidas became aware of betrayal, dismissed his men, but 2,000 stayed and held off the Persians for 1 more day (3 days total) gave Greek city- states time to prepare for Persian invasion Showdown at Salamis 480bc. Battle of Plataea 479bc. Last time Greeks do battle against Persians on their soil They were victorious! Strains emerge in relationship between Sparta and Athens Resentment growing 2 years af...
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