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S france soviet union and great britain berlin was

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Unformatted text preview: post war would look Soviets were angered that U.S. had not come more quickly to their aid Yalta and Potsdam visions of Post- War era Problem Areas: The German Problem: At the conclusion of the war, Germany was split into 4 occupation zones (U.S., France, Soviet Union, and Great Britain Berlin was split into 4 zones as well The purpose of the zones – cleaning out ex- Nazis, rebuilding the economy, and re- educating people in their zones once done, 4 zones would be reunited (1945 – 9) Soviet Union refused to cooperate They economically plundered east zone and established communist zone 1949 – 3 other zones reunited, soviets refused to leave Occupation of Eastern Europe: Refused to hold elections Soviet Union annexed: Estonia, Lithuania, 1/3 Poland and ? Tension in the Pacific: Until the last week of the war, didn’t care about the Pacific (or at least didn’t engage) Declared war and seized Manchuria in the last week U...
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