The Cold War

S foreign policy over night february 1946 us treasury

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Unformatted text preview: ltimately Korea became split between the Soviet Union (North K.) and America (South K.) Western Europe: France and Italy: Soviet Union funneling money to communist parties in these two states (this was the U.S. perception) The Greek Civil War: Power vacuum in Greece Don’t know how much actual support but the perception was that the Soviet Union was trying to expand its reach Greece was in transition, it was very violent (democratization) Soviets in Iran: Soviets stalled in withdrawal Origins of the Cold War: Kennan’s Long Telegram Changed U.S. foreign policy over night February 1946 U.S. treasury had sent telegram to U.S. embassy in Moscow Puzzled by lack of Soviet support for world bank Kennan Soviet Scholar and career diplomat 8,000 word response “the way we have been dealing with the Sovi...
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