Insurgency Causes and Strategies

Geography location if situated near states that

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Unformatted text preview: nd political action The mainstay of a counterinsurgency cannot be military action Military action is to find and destroy insurgents, and then must win back the people, gain their support A revolutionary war is 20% military action and 80% political action Military action is secondary to political action: the primary purpose of military force is to afford the political power enough freedom to work safely with the population Key to winning = political strategy, regain loyalty and credibility of the people Insurgent Requirements: 1) cause 2) government 3) geography 4) outside support Cause Single most important factor The insurgent cannot embark on an insurgency unless he has a well grounded cause with which to attract supporters among his population Insurgents start with nothing but a cause and grow to strength (only asset of the insurgency at the beginning) Counterinsurgents start with everything but a cause and gradually decline in strength (money, resources, military) Government What makes a country more or less vulnerable to insurgency is the depth of its existing problems If a state perceived to be legitimate, not likely to see insurgency, and if we do, it is not likely to be successful. Geography Location – if situated near states that oppose insurgency/ or with water Size – larger the size, more difficult for counterinsurgency International border – if long border, favors insurgent Terrain – if mountainous, favors the insurgent, more difficult terrain Climate – harsher climate helps the counterinsurgency Population distribution – more people, more difficult to control, favors the in...
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