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Insurgency Causes and Strategies

Hard in a democracy you can be embarrassed out of

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Unformatted text preview: tional armies are designed / equipped to fight mirror images of themselves Insurgents would be defeated if they fought in the same way Asymmetries in the perception of what is at stake Insurgent understands that his/ her interests are vital To lose would be a loss of everything the movement and possibly their lives If counterinsurgent loses, survival not at stake Weaker actors have an extremely high interest in winning, insurgent literally fighting for his life Vietnam – we lost, did not mean the end of the U.S. govt., if N. Vietnam had lost, it would have ceased to exist Do weak actors have a particular strength in democracies? Role of public opinion (so, yes?) Galula – flexibility. Insurgent can use any trick in the book, counterinsurgents have to keep the country running. Hard in a democracy, you can be embarrassed out of office, all an insurgent has to do is blow up a bridge once and then the counter has to watch every bridge. Disorder is cheap. Advantages of the insurgency. Timing is on the side of the insurgent. The insurgent alone initiates the conflict. The insurgent can wait for the best time to act. Galula Tunisian born French military officer, fought in WW2 Officer in Greek civil war, spent rest of life in Tunisia The Clausewitz of counter insurgency In an insurgency, you cannot separate military a...
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