Insurgency Causes and Strategies

Who is holding the power te lawrence how to fight with

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Unformatted text preview: ss, weakness against strength Insurgents avoid battle spaces in which they would be often ata disadvantage Turn the battle to where they have an advantage (psychological and political) Mao Your political objectives must align with the people’s The gorilla must be among the people as a fish swims in the sea The people are the insurgency, provide everything support Who do the people support? Who is holding the power? T.E. Lawrence How to fight with an insurgency Emphasized the importance of the people in conducting an insurgency 27 articles, August of 1917 British desert campaign against the Ottoman Empire Mapmaker by training Fluent in Arabic Arab Bureau in Cairo Told to make maps by U.S. govt Set out with Arab tribesman to harass the Turks Fought alongside arab insurgents He was extremely successful British govt. wanted him to write out what he learned w/o the backing of the Arab people, the British could not win, with their support, the Brits could not lose you have to observe culture, language Article 15 – do not try to do too much with your own hand, better the Arabs do it tolerably, it is their war Why do weaker actors win? Asymmetries of capability, but there are also asymmetries of interest Conven...
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