Insurgency Causes and Strategies

Insurgents mao galula te lawrence all agree war for

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Unformatted text preview: surgent, also the more scattered the population favors the insurgent Economy – a highly developed country is vulnerable to short waves of violence, if violence endures the population may turn against the insurgent and favor the counter insurgency So what? If you know how and why weak actors win? If we know why, we can defeat them. Outside Support If insurgents receive outside support they can continue their protracted struggle longer, and this support will complicate counterinsurgency efforts Counterinsurgency Background He wrote the book on how to defeat insurgents: both sides are a fight for political power Use these tools to overthrow the existing authority, whereas counterinsurgency uses these tools to maintain the govt. Definition: The military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions taken by government to defeat an insurgency Two broad theories of victory: Hearts and minds (aka clear, hold, and build) believes you can win by creating allegiances, loyalties Coercion – in order to defeat enemy, you only need to defeat his armed forces * Consider how these strategies apply in Iraq and Afghanistan? Hearts and Minds The answer to insurgency lies not in pouring more troops into the field, but in the hearts and minds of the people Two components to victory against insurgents: 1) Population Security (1st focus – clear, hold) 2) Government Legitimacy (2nd on build) Populations Security An insurgent movement is a war for the people, for loyalty COIN forces physically isolate the population from insurgents Military force must be highly discriminate to avoid excessive civilian casualties (avoid at all costs, you run the risk of creating more insurgents) Mao, Galula, TE Lawrence, all agree war for the people Counterinsurgent can’t achieve anything if people do not feel secure Government Legitimacy Make them feel safe, then build Bolstering government legitimacy to win the al...
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