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Offence vs. Defence

Bismarck back to defense germany unifies in 1871

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Unformatted text preview: efense is more difficult b/c conquest is easy, borders are not defensible Other states have greater insecurity States will engage in both preventive and preemptive strikes, there are incentives for both. Greater incentives exist to strive first (to the victor goes enormous spoils, wars tend to be short) Windows of opportunity are larger States adopt more fait accompli tactics, rewards are more valuable States negotiate less readily , states do not have faith in agreements Arms races are faster and harder to control Offense- dominance becomes self- fulfilling What factors cause offense or defense dominance? Military factors Geography Social and political structures Diplomatic arrangements Military Factors Technology Doctrine Force posture Deployment This is how we know whether defense/offense dominant History of Europe swings back and forth between offense and defense Middle ages defense dominant Mass infantry/ napoleon offense dom. Bismar...
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