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How does this perspective on strategy illuminate our understanding of international security

Syria every great power waiting to see if others will

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Unformatted text preview: sibility, but in Vietnam, burden to be avoided. Perception of draft changed between Korea & Vietnam Universality of draft – in Korea seen as burden shared by all (75% of men served) In Vietnam, less than 50% served International Politics It is difficult to persuade other powers to provide troops for these efforts What characterized small wars is for the large powers to lose is not fatal to the state, they can continue to exist Daily still an issue eg. Syria, every great power waiting to see if others will act Congress 1973 War Powers Act 1) Presidents in all possible instances conduct with congress before introducing troops into hostilities 2) must declare formal allowance 60 – 90 days into hostilities/ deployment 3) regular reports must be made congress has attempted to limit presidential power to conduct wars reign the president in, president had run amuck proponents – too much power had shifted to president how many times has war power clock been started? Once Nixon in Lebanon Cohen ascribes too much power to congress? Institutional Inadequacy The DoD is unwilling – and unable – to prosecute limited wars effectively Defense establishment itself is unwilling and unsuited to fighting wars How specifically is the United States unsuited to fight limited wars? National security unsuited Soldiers who came back from Vietnam seared by negative public opinion Expectations – shaped by Vietnam Doctrine – U.S. had tried to adapt idea of deterrence. We began and ended Vietnam w/o understanding how to conduct insurgencies Manpower – draftees & reserves were relied on Equipment – Cohen says we need specialized equipment Organization – we lack specialized units (jungle/ mountain units) When did we develop doctrine for counterinsurgency? Developed early 00’s, adopted 2006. Patreus. We began Iraq without any Cohen telling DoD – Wake up...
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