How does this perspective on strategy illuminate our understanding of international security

Minimize the uncertainty and master the complexities

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Unformatted text preview: ! Record for major powers in limited conflicts not great What factors did he miss? The media Taping impact of Vietnam on troops & civilians affected public opinion Federal budget Wolfers: “there are always tradeoffs, every dollar you spend on security cannot be spent elsewhere” Patronage of other major powers Stinger missiles to mujahidin (Afghan/ Soviet) Public opinion of civilians in state you are attacking Domestic political structure itself Technology Dependence on electronics can work against you Geography Cohen – fails to appreciate what drove success for opponents Have to understand Sun Tzu Sun Tzu Believed to be a general for the King of Wu He wrote this as a manual teaching readers how to win “war is a mind game and you have the most control before the fighting even starts” training readers to tackle the complexities of war effectively key to victory: minimize the chaos and uncertainty in warfare apply weakness against strength and strength against weakness (basic for asymmetric conflict) (avoid the enemy’s strength) if you can minimize the uncertainty and master the complexities, you will win what dominates war is chaos must minimize chaos you need to understand your capabilities and your mindset and as importantly, your enemies mindset according to Tzu, warfare is all about deception if you are close, make it appear as if you are far away “to subjugate the enemy without fighting is the pinnacle of excellence” (attacking them is what happens last) for Tzu, warfare is about control Military Strategies The highest realization of warfare is to: (order most likely to produce victory) 1) attack the enemy’s plans 2) next is to attack their all...
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