What is security

M defines it in terms of power militarypolitical to

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Unformatted text preview: s of the United States and the interests of other states What the U.S. chose to do in IR was also good for mankind Morgenthau thinks this is naïve and simplistic strongly opposed Realist Tradition Human nature (at it’s very core) is flawed (hb will try to oppress other hb’s, they will always try to seek power, so states will seek power) Policy is developed based on well- defined national goals, not on ideologies or morality, based on ‘national interest’ What is the national interest? (M. defines it in terms of power (military/political) To know what this is, must go back to founding fathers. 3 principles of founding fathers: (Morgenthau’s argument) 1)interests of the U.S. fundamentally different than the interests of Europe 2) natural isolation to U.S. foreign policy (geographically, we have water around us) 3)in order to make U.S. foreign policy i...
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