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Marshall plan tradeoffs between military economic

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Unformatted text preview: can conflict. Psychological wellbeing? Economic wellbeing? They change based on country as well as time (Japan vs. U.S.) How much? – gradations of security/ more or less of at any time From what threats? – threats are multidimensional, can be ideological, economic By what means? – not just military responses (economic, etc.) At what cost? – the pursuit of security always involves costs, always necessary trade offs Can you ever in the moment assess exactly what the threats are? Evolution of the Field Pre- Cold War Security studies were largely the domain of generals (prior to WWI) Interwar period emphasized international law and institutions (1919 – 1939 democracy, disarmament, organizations important ways to promote peace and solve foreign policy problems. M&K disagree) War was a problem to be solved rather than an instrument of statecraft War = disease to be cured All changed with WW2, civilians became extensively involved in security studies (mathematicians = code breaking) Cold War 1945 – 1955 Not as preoccupied with nukes as it would become Security viewed not as the primary goal of all states a...
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