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S officials doing the interrogating targeted killings

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Unformatted text preview: ed Goal: Kill (or arrest) those who mean to do harm Renditions – U.S. seizes individuals and transports them to 3rd party country Rendition program began under Clinton Created to combat Al- Qaida Get the bad guys off the street But also to render them to states with Easier interrogation standards Extraordinary renditions? CIA officers conducting interrogations on U.S. land under Bush Under Clinton it was not U.S. officials doing the interrogating Targeted killings – Use of drone strikes to kill terrorist leaders Obama has increased Muhammad Atta killed These strikes are extremely successful Advantages: Deterrence and disruption Muhammad Al- Zarqawi – dropped 2 500lbs bombs on his house Message: if you join Al- Qaida, you will get killed. This is deterrence (advantage) You are not safe anywhere Very quick Disrupts the structure of the group if the leaders is killed Domestic political advantages: restore public confidence, huge advantages at home Disadvantages: Create a culture of martyrdom Foster overreaction Civilian casualties 30% of victims in Pakistan have been civilians (600 peeps) terrorists good at creating human shields (women and children) huge political consequences eliminates the possibility of collecting intelligence international backlash, challenges of sovereignty affect on recruitment – individuals personally affected by drone strikes more likely to join organization Relying on allies to strike Al- Qaida hates everyone, they are the ideal target, many states with string interests in combating Al- Qaida Goal: Allied police, soldiers, and security services act in the stead of American agents to shut down fundraising, disrupt camps, and arrest terrorists Pros? Fewer U.S. boots on the ground Lo...
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