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Unformatted text preview: tical infrastructures, borer crossings, white house? Order is very, very costly. Disorder is very, very cheap Diversion “the campfire strategy” – you only have to be faster than your friends 1980’s – shipped troublemakers to Afghanistan, used against Al- Qaida Goal: Divert the threat to some other state Pros? Buys time, if you’re really successful no cost. Kills 2 bird with one stone Cons? Would infuriate allies and enemies De- legitimizing the group’s cause Highlight brutality group is using , stories of defectors, why they chose to leave Public diplomacy campaign Goal: Highlight moderate and respected voices in a particular community Pros? Can be cost effective It can solve the underlying problem Changes the environment. The investment is in the people Muslims have been the #1 victim of Al- Qaida To U.S. reputation – looks good Proactive/ changing the environment Cons? Long term strategy Requires long- term domesti...
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