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1 physical separation clear area of insurgence and 2

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Unformatted text preview: COIN Review David Galula, provided inspiration for this field manual/ this understanding of insurgency 2 broad approaches for counterinsurgency: 1) hearts and minds – majority of the population are fence sitters (80%) , you want o make them choose, influence allegiances. 1) physical separation, clear area of insurgence and 2) develop govt. legitimacy, fix what is broken. Remove cause that gave rise to the movement. In Afghanistan this means influence tribal allegiances, long term solution but extremely costly, difficult to sustain public support at home when restoring govt. legitimacy, leader needs legitimacy geography difficult to hold area and clear of insurgents 2) coercion – all about the bad guys. Using the application of violence to make supporting the insurgency irrational deterrence and denial deter using violence to make an example, you better not join the insurgency! Deny insurgents what they need, relocate the people, burn the country to the ground Pros/benefits: You don’t have to worry about local knowledge, just kill them all U.S. military...
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