Normally in advantageous position in the beginning

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Unformatted text preview: or don’t get involved? Needs to be quid pro quo? Does this mean we can’t work with allies? For most of the 20th Century, U.S. embraced conventional war paradigm Rather than learning from our experiences, U.S. viewed those experiences as aberrations, distractions from preparing to win big wars against great powers, peer competitors As communist backed insurgencies flared in the 1960’s , Kennedy directed military to augment its counterinsurgency capabilities Why so important that only focused on the military? It institutionalizes notion that insurgency is type of conventional war, when in fact it is categorically different Viewed and understood only through the lease of conventional conflict Impeded U.S. strategy for almost 100 years FM 3- 24 Published in 2006, 3 years into incursion in Iraq Shift, all hearts and minds, know people your living in Highlights the military and political tools of CO...
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