Deterrence Theory and Cold War Practice

the sources of soviet conduct 1947 kennan asked what

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Unformatted text preview: tics Did not see the possibility for long- term peaceful coexistence with the capitalist world Who filled the gap in legitimate threats for the soviet union? = the U.S. and Great Britain They believed capitalism was the enemy of som Stalin wanted to exploit dis- equilibrium In perpetual war with capitalism Long telegram the most plausible explanation X (Kennan, to preserve his anonymity, still working for the State Dept.) “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” (1947) Kennan asked: What is required to enhance the security of the United States? Universalist answer If only all countries could follow the same rules, norms, same standards of behavior, then harmony in International Security is possible. (utopians, liberals) Particularist answer Skeptical of International law, norms, and institutions in constraining state behavior Psychological Prescriptions Kennan saw the nature of the soviet challenge as largely psychological The goal was to create in the minds of adversaries and allies attitudes that would facilitate the emergence of an international order more favorable to the interests of the United States. How? Containment Kennan’s Three Steps of Containment His plan in order of how the Soviet Union could be defeated 1) Restore the balance of power through the encouragement of self- confidence to states threatened by Soviet expansion 2) Reduce the Soviet ability to project influence by exploiting tensions among communist states/ movement 3) Change the Soviet conception of IR over time to bring about a negotiated settlement of...
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