Domestic Political Considerations

You want to distract people then rally people behind

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Unformatted text preview: not have trued to promote democracy. Worst decision to disassemble the ba’ath party. In states that are transitioning, no rule of law, worst thing you could do is make them feel threatened. Mitigate conflict – give reason to elites not to tear down new system, “golden parachute” What do you think? What can democratic peace tell us? Every U.S. president talks about this Must be aware of risk factors Idea of democratization could be dangerous Are they optimistic? No. Arab world, one major problem potential for failed arab states Will leaders step back from democracy promotion? Democratization is violent. Diversionary War Be it thy course to busy giddy minds / with foreign quarrels – William Shakespeare, Henry IV Definition: when faced with domestic political problems, leaders will engage their states in foreign conflicts to distract their citizens’ attention and rally them in support of he state and the leader The use of force is commonly seen as a powerful way to gain political support One necessary precondition: domestic unrest Why would a leader choose this foreign policy? You want to distract people, then rally people behind your government and you shift blame to other external scapegoat. Demonstrate how competent you are in foreign policy Diversion – Should be done at low cost, should be quick, short lived, small window to maximize that “rally around the flag effect” Better if you win! Theoreti...
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