Domestic Political Considerations

Oppressors vs oppressed proletariat independent

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Unformatted text preview: cy decisions (coalitions, compromise, confusion) Underlying struggle between leaders Iraq 2003 – organization, bargaining game between leaders Individual becomes vested with the preferences of the organization Marxism Central Premise: world economy is a struggle between classes, rather than states (oppressors vs. oppressed = proletariat) Independent variable: economic structure, determines a state’s propensity for conflict Economic structure is the independent variable The world economy is a competitive arena between classes, rather than between states A struggle between the oppressors (capitalist owners of production) and the oppressed (working classes) Problems with theory: Not good at explaining catalysts Capitalist have not been more belligerent throughout history Even if you accept capitalism/ war linkage, imperialism does not drive war usually (not evidence to support strongly) How does economic structure cause conflict? (picture of Marx/Lenin) Monopolistic capitalists inside a state seek overseas investment and ultimately domination Causal linkage between capitalism & imperialism Capitalism is too su...
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