Deterrence Theory

S air force how to protect our bombers from surprise

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Unformatted text preview: disagrees with Wohlstetter, Brodie thinks human inhibition of taking risks and mutual assurance of destruction = deterrence He wrote in 1946 Analyst and Rand Corporation (1951 – 1966) After taught at UCLA Asked the fundamental question about the nuclear age: Would war be more or less likely in a world with atomic weapons? Thesis: the atomic age represents a major discontinuity in the history of warfare and, as such, demands new strategic thought The advent of nukes leads to a condition of mutual deterrence No “victory” in nuclear war is worth the price In one day you could wipe out all major cities What these weapons do make even victory too costly No adequate defense is likely Render old forms of defense obsolete (oceans) Only physical limitation – amount of uranium availabl...
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