Causes of Terrorism

S assumed al qaeda was decentralized but actually bin

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Unformatted text preview: eferences are replaced by group ideology Policies: Alter the cost / benefit structure make it too costly for them to choose terrorism Put ourselves in their place and think what are the objectives, how would we maximize our benefits, all the benefits of realism Strengths: Allows us to deal with terrorist organizations on an organizational level Like realism Weaknesses: Assumes one rationality, one ideology, one power structure In many ways the simplicity can be both a strength and a weakness For 10 years, U.S. assumed Al- Qaeda was decentralized, but actually Bin Laden held a lot of the power It requires a depth of understanding about decision making that often we don’t have Can all terrorists be strategic planners? Religion: Mark Juergensmeyer (picture of Bin Laden compound) Nothing new abut the connection between religion and terror...
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