Solvolysis Summary

5 molnaoh 1mol hbr 1 1000 ml 1l 1molnaoh 001l 1

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Unformatted text preview: ] t = VNaOH * 1L 0.5 molNaOH 1mol HBr 1 * * * 1000 mL 1L 1molNaOH 0.01L (1) Furthermore, the ratio between t-butyl bromide and HBr are also a 1:1 ratio, where the decrease € of t-butyl bromide results in a proportional increase of HBr. Therefore, the concentration of t- butyl bromide at any given time can be calculated using equation 2: (2) [ t − buBr]t = [ HBr]∞ − [ HBr]t where [ HBr]∞ is the concentration of HBr when the reaction is completed and [ HBr]t is the € concentration of HBr at any given time, whi...
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