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EXAMPLE EXAM PSYCHOLOGY 100 Chin-Parker 2005 MULTIPLE CHOICE SECTION: What are the four goals of psychology? - describe, explain, predict, control Probably the best means to make sure that your experiment has external validity is to use a - random sample An important discovery in language production was that damage to an area in the left frontal portion of the cortex caused a deficit in speech. This connection was made by - Paul Broca The IRB, or Institutional Review Board, has the responsibility of overseeing the research activity that takes place on the university campus. It would be unlikely that this board would approve which type of study on undergraduate participants? - lesion study The median household income in the U.S. is $42,288. This means that - if we looked at every household in the U.S., half of them would make less than $42,288 SHORT ANSWER SECTION: Psychology is considered a young science, but its roots appear to be rather old. Explain how this could be. Focus on questions that had been asked by ancient Greek philosophers. Illustrate how these same questions are considered by psychologists, but scientific method not used to investigate them except for the last 100+ years. (lecture) How do stimulants and depressants differently affect brain functioning? The drugs differently affect arousal (depressants = lower, stimulants = higher). This is shown by the fact that depressants depress neural activity while stimulants do the opposite. Both can result in damage at the neural level with repeated use/abuse. This topic not emphasized this year . (p. 116-117 and lecture)
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exam1practice answers - EXAMPLE EXAM PSYCHOLOGY 100...

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