Uany violacon of academic rules on these tests will

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Unformatted text preview: smology (concepts) 5 Grades u༇ Inputs o  4 Quizzes (T): 60% (Scantron) o  Final 40% (Scantron) o  In- Class responses: 10% (Extra Credit (clickers)) u༇ Approximate Scale o  80% or more o  70% or more o  55% or more o  40% or more A B C D 6 Clickers u༇  We will use clickers to encourage learning in lecture and to measure understanding. u༇  One point for any answer and a second point for the correct answer. u༇  Up to 10% extra credit. u༇  Answers are to be your own, as in the quiz. No discussion… u༇  Start with tesCng on Wednesday and make first use for points this Friday. u༇  I will not have Cme to deal with loaning clickers so don’t forget yours. u༇  You must register your clicker number in TED. 7 Academic Integrity u༇ It is expected that students will complete the quizzes and exams without cheaCng. u༇ Any violaCon of academic rules on these tests will result in failure of the course. o  As well as reporCng of the incident to the academic integrity coordinator. u༇ Please read the the UCSD policy on Integrity of Scholarship in the UCSD course catalog. 8 Help Is Available u༇  Problem solving sessions will be held on Thursday evening. o  and ???. o  At these sessions, we will answer quesCons on homework and lectures, including working out problems in detail. o  Aoendance is voluntary, but students are encouraged to use these meeCngs to help master course material and prepare for quizzes. u༇  Individual assistance is available during office hours. u༇  The Physics Dept. tutorial center (locaCon 2702 Mayer Hall AddiCon) is also open Sunday- Thursday from 3- 8 p.m. 9 For Next Time u༇ Read the course policy and view calendar. u༇ Read Chapter 1 o  (but don’t pay extra for the text) u༇ Get a clicker asap if you don’t have one o  We will start using it soon o  And you need to get it registered… 10 Chapters 1- 2 RelaCvity 11 Newton’s Laws Apply in any “InerCal Frame” An inerCal frame moves at a constant velocity, (no acceleraCon). u༇  First law: If an object experiences no net force, then its velocity is constant: the object is either at rest (if its velocity is zero), or it moves in a straight line with...
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