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1c find all the tests for the stuck at faults for

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Unformatted text preview: ests for the stuck-at faults for each of the three inputs in the expression f = (x1x2x3) + (x1’x2) + x2 All we need to do is generate a table that shows the corresponding output for each possible input set, and compare it to the output when a stuck-at fault is present. For example, if x2 becomes stuck at 0, the function can never be 1, no matter what the values of x1 and x3 are. Overall, you should find a total of eight test sets. In other words, all eight input sets can be used to test the circuit. 2. You must use Davenport’s book in solving the problem. Otherwise no credit will be given. a.) Estimate the number of primes smaller than 1,000. Explain by referring to the estimation technique. π ( x) = x = 145. ln( x) b.) Find all of the primes smaller than 1,000. What is the name of the method you use? Explain the method. Using the sieve of Erastosthenes, you should find 170 primes smaller than 1,000. 3a) Define the function Q(n), n ∈ J+ by Q(0) = 2; Q(1) = 6; Q(x) = 6Q(x-1) – 5Q(x-2). Prove by...
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