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V sharma quiz 6 problem 1 designer wavefunctions 6

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Unformatted text preview: University of California San Diego Problem 1: Designer Wavefunctions ! Modern Physics (2D) Prof. V. Sharma Quiz # 6 [ 6 pts] If ! 1 and ! 2 are two solutions of the Time Independent Schrodinger Equation (TISE) with the same energy E, (a) Is the linear sum of these two functions ! =A! 1 + B! 2 (A and B are arbitarary non-zero constants) also a solution of the TISE? (b) If ! 1 and ! 2 are two solutions of TISE with unequal energies E1 and E 2 respectively, is the linear sum ! =A! 1 + B! 2 a solution of the TISE? Problem 2: Think inside the box ! [14 pts] Consider a particle movi...
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