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Homework 7 Solutions

As such the relave abundances of these elements are

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Unformatted text preview: Coulomb repulsion) 16O + 4He -­‐> 20Ne reac%on is not as important in the Sun’s interior. As such, the rela%ve abundances of these elements are sensi%ve tracers of the Sun’s core temperature structure. 1c ques%on 3(c) Lr εr dL/dr The Lr curve shows that nearly all of the energy produc%on in the Sun occurs within 0.25 R; i.e, in the fusing core. The deriva%ve dL/dr (shown in normalized units) peaks at around 0.1 R. This is a tradeoff between the nuclear energy produc%on per mass, which increases with increasing temperature, and the total mass, which increases with radius. We can see the former effect by calcula%ng εr (shown in normalized units), which as expected increases down to the core (noise at small r is due to roundoff error)....
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