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would we expect to see absorption lines from

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Unformatted text preview: Page 8 of 16 Physics 160 Fall 2013 Midterm Exam (e) [10 pt] Suppose Jupiter is actually orbiting Vega, which has T* = 9600 K and R* = 2.4 Rsun. What would be the equilibrium temperature of its photosphere? Assume again that it reflects 20% of incident light. Compare this temperature with the freezing and boiling points of water, and comment on the potential habitability (possible presence of life) of moons around a Vegan Jupiter. We can either use the result from (d), or note from (c) that the fraction TJ4/L ~ TJ4/R*2T*4, so both imply scaling TJ with T*R*1/2 will preserve a ratio of unity Tp = 125 K (9600 K/5800 K)(2.4/1.0)1/2 = 320 K This is right between the freezing (273 K) and boiling (373 K) points of water, suggesting that moons around Vegan Jupiter could have liquid water on their surfaces if they have sufficient atmospheric...
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