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Unformatted text preview: ence (you might consider tearing these out for ease of use). 8. You may use a non ­graphing calculator for computation. DO NOT TURN OVER THIS PAGE UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO PUT AWAY ALL BOOKS, NOTES, PHONES, COMPUTERS AND STUDY AIDS Good luck! Page 1 of 16 Physics 160 Fall 2013 Part 1: Short ­Answer Questions Midterm Exam Answer all of the questions. You do not need to show your work. Do not spend too long on this section (1) [18 pts] Order of Magnitude Guesstimation: Estimate the following quantities in the units indicated to the nearest power of 10 (3 pts each). Note: answers within a factor of 10 were given partial credit (a) Diameter of the Galaxy’s disk (in parsec): 2x104 (b) Mass density of stars in the vicinity of the Sun (in Msun/pc3): 0.14 (c) Total number of stars in the Galaxy: 2x1011 (d) The mass of the supermassive black hole in...
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