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Nnu 108 nh 108 pkt to solve for the pressure use the

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Unformatted text preview: pressure. Liquid water is a critical ingredient for life on Earth, so it’s presence on other worlds is seen as a requirement for habitability. Page 9 of 16 Physics 160 Fall 2013 Midterm Exam (3) [Total: 50 pts] Nubulium Prof. Burgasser has proposed a new element called Nubulium, which is a Hydrogen ­like atom that has a low ionization potential, χNu = 3 eV. He estimates that Nubulium has a cosmic abundance 10 ­8 that of Hydrogen, and that the Sun is a good place to look for it. (a) [5 pts] At what wavelengths and in what parts of the electromagnetic spectrum (UV, visible, infrared, etc.) would we expect to see absorption lines from Nubulium for the n=1 ­>2 (Lyman α) and n=2 ­>3 (Balmer α) transitions? En =  ­χNu/n2 => E1 =  ­3 eV, E2 =  ­0.75 eV, E3 =  ­0.33 eV ΔE = hc/λ => λ = hc/ΔE => 1 ­>2...
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