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Homework 3 Solutions

Absolute distances hdist

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Unformatted text preview: e mean, median and standard deviation of final distances. Points depend on the dimensionality of your solution: 10 pts for 1D walk, 5 more pts for 2D walk, 5 more pts for 3D walk (so 15 pts for all three sets of walks). If you do more than one set of walks, comment on how the dimensionality of the walk changes the distribution and statistics of the final distances. Be sure to include both your code (in whatever language) and a figure showing the distribution(s) as part of your solution Homework 3 solutions Problem 6 (bonus) (a) Here’s an algorithm I wrote in a language called IDL. The syntax may be unfamiliar but the general idea of the algorithm should be clear: ; --------------------------------------------; RANDOM 1D WALK ; --------------------------------------------WALK: ntrial = 10000 nstep = 100 displacement = fltarr(ntrial) distance = fltarr(ntrial) ; number of random walk trails ; number of steps taken in each walk ; array to hold final displacements ; array to hold final distances ; lo...
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