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Homework 4 Solutions

1cos2 and tan can run from 0 to this gives us ignoring

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Unformatted text preview: ndent of ρc and hence any other variable we could vary; MR3 is therefore a constant. (b) [10 pts] Show that for an n=3 polytrope, the total mass of a star is independent of the central density. This is similar to part a; we start by writing down how M scales with λn and ρc: M ∝ λ3 ρc n and solve for λ3: −2/3 4K ρ c λ3 = 4π G 1/ 2 ∝ ρ−1/3 c Again, the combination of λ3 and ρc cancels ρc. (c) [10 pts] Show that for an n=5 polytrope, even though ξ1 →∞, the total mass r...
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