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This is a common method for determining model

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Unformatted text preview: rived above. Was the initial estimate for κ correct? κH ­ = 8x10 ­34 (4.9x10 ­5)1/2(5800)9 = 0.04 m2/kg this is quite a bit smaller than the original estimate (e) [10 pts] Repeat steps a ­d until you converge on values for P, ρ and κ for the Solar photosphere. “Converge” in this case means that the last iteration differed form the previous iteration by < 10%. This is a common method for determining model parameters, and is most easily done with a computer! Here’s a short python script I wrote to do this: #!/usr/bin/python -tt import numpy as np def main(): # initial values (all units SI) kap = 0.1 teff = 5800. g = 270. mu = 1/0.77 mh = 1.67e-27 k = 1.38e-23 for x in range(20): P = 0.67*g/kap rho = P*mu*mh/(k*teff) kap = 8.e-34*np.sqrt(rho)*(teff**9) print P, rho, kap # Standard boilerplate that calls the main() function. if __name__ == '__main__': main() and here is the output...
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