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Homework 1 Solutions

1 resolution that object has to be at a distance of

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Unformatted text preview: of 61 Cygni had an accuracy of around 100 mas, which would have only picked up stars 3.3 pc away from Slickle; there are very few of those. (3) Resolving the Stars [12 pts] The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) has an angular resolution of 100 mas. The table below lists the radii of various types of stars and planets. What is the maximum distance (in the units specified) for which each object could be resolved by HST? Object Rigel (blue supergiant) Radius 25 R Maximum distance object can be resolved 2.4 pc Betelgeuse (red supergiant) 800 R 75 pc Sirius (blue dwarf) 1.7 R 0.16 pc 61 Cygni (red dwarf) 0.2 R 0.02 pc Jupiter (giant planet) 0.1 R 0.009 pc = 1900 AU Pluto (dwarf planet) 0.0016 R 0.00015 pc = 31 AU Here’s a useful conversion: 1 R¤/1 pc = 7x105 km/3.1x1013 km = 2.3x10 ­8 rad x 180º/π rad x 3600”/º = 0.0047”. Similarly, is 1 pc/1 AU = 206260...
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