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Bessels measurement of 61 cygni had an accuracy of

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Unformatted text preview: ke to make a parallax measurement from Slickle? Kepler’s Laws: P2 = a3/Mstar when P in yr, a in AU and Mstar in M => P2 = (0.3)3/0.3 = 0.32 => P = 0.3 yr (d) [10 pts] Based on these considerations, how do you think the development of astrometry on Slickle would differ from that on Earth? Draw from the history of astrometry on Earth. I would expect astrometry to develop much slower, if at all, on Slickle, as there would be far fewer stars available to make a parallax distance measurement. Tycho Brahe, who had a parallax 1 See http://xkcd.com/1253/ for other silly planet names. error of about 30” was unable to measure the parallaxes of any stars in the 16th century despite having the best accuracy of his time. Bessel’s measurement...
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