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Earth 1 aud 001 d 100 pc slickle 03 aud 001

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Unformatted text preview: rbit to provide the baseline for angular measurements. Imagine we lived on a different planet (let’s call it Slickle1) orbiting an M ­type star of mass 0.3 M whose orbital radius was only 0.3 AU. (a) [5 pts] What would the parallax angle be in arcseconds for a star 10 pc from Slickle? Parallax angle = rorb/distance = 1 AU/10 pc = 0.1” for Earth => angle for Slickle = 0.3 AU/10 pc = 0.03” (b) [5 pts] If the best measurement equipment available can measure an angle of 0.01” (= 10 milliarcsecond, or 10 mas), what is the maximum parallactic distance we could measure from (i) Earth and (ii) Slickle? Earth: 1 AU/d = 0.01” => d = 100 pc Slickle: 0.3 AU/d = 0.01” => d = 33 pc (c) [5 pts] To measure the full parallax angle, we need to make measurements for at least half of an orbit, or 6 months on Earth. How long would it ta...
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