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Homework 1 Solutions

Hint use the definition for apparent magnitude in

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Unformatted text preview: , 1 R¤/1 AU = 970”. Thus, to resolve something of size 1 R¤ with 0.1” resolution, that object has to be at a distance of 0.047 pc or 9700 AU. Note that the answers above assume the angular size is the diameter of the object; if you used radii (2x smaller) that was accepted (4) Spectrophotometric Distance Estimates of Binary Stars [30 pts] It is common to estimate the distance of a star based on its spectral type and the average absolute magnitude for that spectral type (determined for similar stars with distance measurements). However, if the star is a binary, this distance will be underestimated. (a) [5 pts] Assume the star ∂ Makeyupus has an identical spectral type as the Sun (absolute V magnitude = 4.83) and an apparent visual magnitude of V = 7.22. How far away would we estimate the star to be in pc? m – M = 5 log d/10pc = 7.22 ­4.83 = 2....
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