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On a clear night figure out the positioning of your

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Unformatted text preview: [3.24, 16.49] Distance = |Separation vector| = 16.81 pc (c) [5 pts] Which of these stars is more luminous? How do you know? (Do not just look this up! Based your answer on the information provided) Dubhe: it is further away but has a greater apparent brightness (it’s the α designate of UMa) (d) [5 pts] The Big Dipper is currently up, so this is a good opportunity to calibrate your angle ­measuring instrument – your outstretched hand. On a clear night, figure out the positioning of your outstretched hand (balled fist, fist and spread out thumb, spread out fingers, etc.) that just fits between Alkaid and Dubhe. What is this positioning for you? (We’ll make use of this later in the quarter in our local observing lab) For me, it’s a balled fist with my thumb sticking out (2) Parallax Measurement on an Alien World [25 pts] Ground ­based parallax measurements rely on the Earth’s o...
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