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4 balance of force in non inertial rotational

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Unformatted text preview: e equilibrium because coefficient before 4l is positive. 4) Balance of force In non-inertial rotational reference frame there are three forces acting on the point mass: gravitational force mg acting downward, centrifugal force m⌦2 l sin ✓0 acting outward from rotational orbit and reaction force of the wire m⌦2 sin ✓0 cos ✓0 l+ mg sin ✓0 pointing perpendicular to it . These three forces balance each other. It is possible to obtain the expression for the reaction force using the method of Lagrange multipliers. ˙ L = m l˙2 + m l2 ✓2 + m ⌦2 l2 sin2 ✓0 mgl cos ✓0 , 2 2 2 f (✓) = ✓ = ✓0 - constraints. Equation of motion with constraints: ⇣⌘ f...
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