Quiz 3 Solutions

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Unformatted text preview: olrtr-23's1o lt1,= leo Ad: J.t,- |n: A*: (l -44) ).^, b8 le I *s". H7 ?robl e'^ 3 fV: (.) tJe h-J 0^'sT L,w -Tt=zTbt ?n V = [rJn !.s-7* ?, (sY--Nsl"oTo tJ, ) : 2Nr, lV* -T* - f*: {Vo to ,l -T6, C") r.l P*= ?o aA T*=ZTa =) .Ti ?o V = lv,. ha f^ V = {Vs 1." lo 5t"c+ ft{ t NrV Na * Vfib tc ) Ss.r,od \il{z,h tI* ()s CJq :) . \r3g** I Al O* Llrr | 6 t-)-= o [-e- {\) ) B r) tz o'-'t l^ e_ 3 sr\ce Yfi* L tx ez ,,- [U ] .h^".f tr) N*T* = NaT; :*) d7** d'Zl H ottv e a* r*t rr t{ fi Lv"t4 L.r h\tu l't n1 [') {V* tile 9='n lV I@ Itn*= I -, 4,\-t L1 f't*1,t*rl. Ut--,11 = l.t{l Us #, = Ne -.s -; N* - t-a a^^!tVo : {E = 2-*3 be fe. b, ? *' lf."sot'r,L{...
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