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Unformatted text preview: V9 edarar'aJrc #l u<- \(-E- (}= r) {.( Prob lt'^ 3 Tl^& ?."fr* *t r r^r*,u.{l^,d\ a"^/ ue&tc^-b d) d?"tl'^-l-tvt S tA ,l fia,-> tt14,q It14ss &"*'b {^.Fe t}t *, ,dury , r=t rr1 . jrog'^Lo.?m)=, F=: ?s':C l^,^ ^ dD 8 ooo h=0. lr, *'= l-f It h ryt,rr-ctt^ nl td"Y .o.l * l\-Gvn' * o.2 Yr't h" rfl 8n 12* 0 "C e' So -[r--, * cl"a^-tla l'1 lo-'[t = ]28 N o.2m it" )"r"qrhn D }( ty 2 "C = A !--- "L -l' AT O.O q ,-'}". 1 L 1 tmu\ tx ke 3<'"*' t'Y t" e= &*,6c\^abdL"Jt^4 n2 O.l*,W'* x Zoor,{Y-.^, , , -' =6lJ I rrtn^ \'.,44 d, t.t I ofu 20cvx 10-6* O.Ag (h fu,.;d( " t t ''t d"7 t" ete.g. A,Q-= ga^^A'T LotL, M rr'r u1 tV A,[= lzi. E'_ Ar.A.E l" =r Fr' = o't96' *F^ r-x Y/," h^ d= l2xlo''/'C G ) Ts ^x Ir Fr: =l 8"10-rt3 s' C*u.p So th7 'U,''lI\ , Ft =- f*^-*,'u t n u. f= lness/r-"thXt, - sr**,1- A.-t: A- Se t*,-v,r.'r' r) ) -!-=2O.!t'1 :' ,*'h L)- = , :)ttr : 8,.11 tyt= l,(r I 0-Y tu1 fl=,t tb 2 "0- X. A,rfn' n= [r So' U=J X a r In = srJ'r,,/5 J,l-r'>rA t^;" *t'{r-'7 ft^'s Le,Wi t, J Ur=If I r) tr^es n-'J--t44t blu{rtc) I wfnd4 la ,.^/}-t Tt,r-^aa.^^r*,fe-{ l.* t* Th 4,4 r.c't,d=A 20CInlD?fv/rtta 6!v T-l tA) ils,*7 [*].,(,), t"] , &c,.r..clr^da Fr= t28{V*6N= S r\ d",--+f\^.rhtr\ -l-",]c^nkry O 13YA/ cr le Fr.^) r) T* v1n&r.rr^-[ ]o Fr"' d,' = \t Et l,= l-023 J, : t^r,t ho ro23 Htr e ) O*.* l^^l*") rs J,'- l, = 23 Tr'^'" e*r#$.& ur^*)q11uq be -T- | = 0.0Y3s |- l,t- ,, ut h Ha lrr"t+n ohy f*a^,",*[J /r1.^.*) l P, ob le"^ Y ?- AO :tS-A T't . ,r vv A+ b2 ?= go,,r* e;.ttn'{cL n&"afi'r^ A:2rrrh+ 2rrr' ) f-= 0.2rnl h=l'Svn C= S-tr+i'l0-E h = 2, l't ,a' F t 2\t)tao Z ^ 301't^ rt I d^7 ' & uqo*s efu t'/"tL\ l,"a'nb u r Sers ' l*t r.dta*c/' 1r= s + \',."tV'-7,t'-t tb ) 'l't^r ;r-'^ 8ooxlo3,Y-168 Af 2 8.+ Co) d4 zbt,;t1^ r,nl ood'-1, fe"4e^'t'^'4 c'4-...
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