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To stun its prey the electric eel generates a current

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Unformatted text preview: he resistance of the heating coil? • a. 7.5 Ω • b. 9.0 Ω • c. 11.0 Ω • d. 13.0 Ω 5. To stun its prey, the electric eel generates a current of .8 Amp, applied across a potential difference of 650V. How much energy is deposited by the eel in its victim every 2 seconds? • a. 130 J • b. 260 J • c. 520 J • d. 1040 J 6. How much current flows through the central resistor in Fig A shown above? • a. .55 A • b. .67 A • c. .33 A • d. 1.11 A 7. The resistors in the circuit shown in Fig B each have a resistance of 100 Ω. What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit? • a. 25 Ω 3 • b. 50 Ω • c. 75 Ω • d. 100 Ω 8. A 1 000-V battery, a 3 000-Ω resistor and a 0.50-µF capacitor are connected in series with a switch.The capacitor is initially uncharged. What is the value of the current the moment after the switch is closed? • a. 0. A • b. .33 A • c. .66A • d. 3.0 A...
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