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The radius of loop 2 is much larger than that of loop

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Unformatted text preview: r the center of loop 2. The radius of loop 2 is much larger than that of loop 1. A steady current I circulates in loop 2, going into the paper on the right side and out of the paper on the left side. (a) Make a qualitative plot of the flux of magnetic field through loop 1 as function of x=position of the center of loop 1. Put the center of loop 2 at x=0, and indicate on the xaxis of the graph the positions of the edges of loop 2. Use the convention positive flux = flux pointing up, negative flux= flux pointing down. (b) Make a qualitative plot of the current induced in loop 1 as a function of x, again indicating the position of the edges and center of loop 2. Use the convention: positive current = current in the same sense as in loop 2, negative current = current in the opposite sense as in loop 2. Correlate the points where the current is zero with features of the plot in (a). Hint: the magnetic field very close to a curved wire looks very similar to that of a straight wire. Problem 6 y v x B z A proton (mass=1.67x10-27kg, charge=-electron charge) moving in the x direction with speed v=10,000 m/s enters a region starting at x=0 where there is an electric field and a uniform magnetic field. The magnetic field points in the +z direction and has magnitude 0.5G (1G=10-4T). The x-component of the E-field is uniform. The proton continues to move in a straight line in the x direction and comes to a stop at x=1m. (a) Find the electric field component in the z direction (with its sign) for all x. (b) Find the electric field component in the y direction (with its sign) at x=0. (c) Find the electric field component in the x direction (with its sign). (d) Find the angle that the electric field makes with the x-axis at x=0, in degrees. Problem 7 L small square loop S +The circuit on the figure, including the solenoid L, is made with Cu wire of cross section 1mm2. The total length of wire used in the circuit, including the wire in the...
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