120 chapter 4 implementation and delivery ongoing

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Unformatted text preview: parent (e.g. with rules and processes clearly laid out) and based on merit (e.g. with fairness to all bidders). Many of the EPPs will not need any Government funding and are open to any company that chooses to take advantage of an opportunity. In cases like these, the Government will simply focus on removing any barriers for those investments and monitoring each EPP to ensure it delivers the planned outcome. Some EPPs, however, involve public funding. In cases like these, the Ministry of Finance will ensure that a transparent and merit-based process takes place. For example, the Expanding Private Teacher Training EPP in the Education NKEA requires the Government to select private sector partners to provide ECCE training for public sector teachers. Such a scenario requires a competitive bidding process (through a request for proposal, or RFP) to select providers based on merit. In cases such as these, where Government funding will support a limited number of private sector partners, a bidding process will take place and will comply with the transparent, merit-based assessment process utilised by the Ministry of Finance. Disbursing Funds Based on Performance Funding will only be disbursed to EPPs where performance meets the milestones defined by the Steering Committee and the Lead Minister. In cases where milestones are not met by the specified timeline, a Steering Committee has the responsibility to take one of several courses of actions: • The terms of funding can be changed if more urgency is needed For example, the Steering Committee can put in place stricter milestones, shorter deadlines and more detailed reporting requirements in an effort to better monitor progress, identify issues and resolve them rapidly; or • Future funding can be withdrawn This applies to cases where an EPP is deemed no longer feasible, or the GNI and job creation targets are later deemed to be significantly less than originally anticipated. 120 Chapter 4 Implementation and Delivery Ongoing Funding and Capturing Future Growth Opportunities Funding for the ETP program...
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