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Unformatted text preview: he government and private sector. In some cases, industry advisory panels may also be represented (e.g. Communications Content and Infrastructure NKEA and Electronics and Electrical NKEA). Steering Committees meet regularly (typically each month) to review progress, provide guidance and resolve conflicts. 1 RASCI is a framework for identifying roles and responsibility during a transformation and change programme. It stands for Responsible, Accountable, Supportive, Consulted, and Informed. 118 Chapter 4 Implementation and Delivery Exhibit 4-1 Roles and responsibilities Structure RASCI Framework • Assist in resolving most challenging ETP issues • Review minister performance • Direct outreach to highest impact potential investors • Consulted on major and cross-ministry / agency issues • Informed of progress on the NKEAs and key EPPs Prime Minister • Guidance and direction • Resolve conflicts • Oversee all NKEA matters • Set Steering Committee agenda • Bring all EPPs and NKEA issues together for the Steering Committee • Monitor progress and resolve issues with EPP teams • Implementation of EPPs • Delivery of outcomes • Consulted on key decisions / issues at the NKEA and EPP level • Informed of progress on each EPP and key initiatives Steering Committee Chair: Lead minister ETP Unit / Implementing Ministry EPP 1 EPP 2 EPP 3 ... EPP 8 • EPP Owners • Team Members • Responsible (Implementing Ministry) for the key actions / decisions made relating to the EPP • Support (Pemandu) in overseeing implementation of all NKEAs and support in ensuring delivery • Accountable (EPP owners) for overseeing the implementation of the initiatives under the EPPs • Support (Team members) EPP owners in delivering outcomes ALLOCATING FUNDING TO ACHIEVE THE HIGHEST IMPACT While the private sector will fund a significant portion of the ETP, public funding plays an important role in catalysing investment in areas where additional support is needed. The Government commits to safeguarding and fully leveraging public funds. In this spirit, we will ensure that public funds are prioritised for the NKEAs and EPPs with the highest GNI impact. Public funds will also be allocated to owners who are transparently selected based on merit and disbursed according to performance that is judged against milestones and key performance indicators. Prioritising Public Funding to NKEAs and Highest Impact EPPs The NKEAs have been carefully selected, and each has a disproportionate and material impact on the GNI of our nation. As such, we plan to prioritise the allocation of our development budget to the ETP to ensure NKEAs have the funding required for success. We will also commit to prioritise public spending according to the EPPs with the highest leverage, where leverage is defined as the incremental GNI that can be achieved per public ringgit invested. Economic Transformation Programme 119 A Roadmap For Malaysia Transparently Selecting Owners Based on Merit An important element of carrying out the programme is ensuring that all public funds are distributed through a process that is both trans...
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