In economic terms this means that opportunities and

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Unformatted text preview: the principle of fairness and equity. In economic terms, this means that opportunities and growth will be shared equitably. ‘People First’ refers to a rakyat-centric approach to planning and delivery, and ‘Performance Now’ shows the Government’s determination to have a sharp focus on delivery and results. Government Transformation Programme The Government Transformation Programme was introduced in 2010 to transform the Government to be more effective in its delivery of services and accountable for outcomes. The programme incorporates six National Key Result Areas (NKRAs): reducing crime, fighting corruption, improving student outcomes, raising living standards of low-income households, improving rural basic infrastructure and improving urban public transport. National key performance indicators have been specified for these NKRAs, and a new organisation, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), was created to manage delivery against these targets. Tenth Malaysia Plan The Tenth Malaysia Plan outlines the Government’s development plan for the nation between 2011 and 2015 (to move Malaysia to high-income status by 2020). It focuses on unleashing economic growth, promoting inclusive socio-economic development, developing and retaining talent, building an environment that enhances quality of life and transforming Government. It identified the 12 NKEAs that will be the subject of prioritised policy and investment focus and that are the main focus of the ETP. Economic Transformation Programme 67 A Roadmap For Malaysia WHAT IS DIFFERENT ABOUT THE ETP The ETP builds on the direction outlined in the Tenth Malaysia Plan to develop a markedly different approach to delivering the Government’s objectives. The innovative approach in the ETP recognises that incremental improvements to the status quo will not be enough for Malaysia to become a high-income nation. There are five specific aspects of the ETP that are new and distinctive. These aspects will ensure that the ETP delivers the improved outcomes that Malaysia needs. Focus on Key Growth Engines – 12 NKEAs Malaysia will leverage its competitive advantages by prioritising investment and policy support behind a limited number of key growth engines. The ETP focuses on the 12 NKEAs announced in the Tenth Malaysia Plan. These NKEAs are expected to make substantial contributions to Malaysia’s economic performance. Other countries have demonstrated that strategic focus is an important element of rapid economic development, particularly for small- and medium-sized countries. Private Sector-led, Government Facilitated The private sector will take the lead role in terms of making investment and employment decisions. The projects and opportunities that are identified in the ETP have been co-created by the public and private sectors. Importantly, most of the projects and opportunities identified will be mainly funded from private sources. The Government’s role will be that of an active facilitator of the private sector through resource and policy support,...
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