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Unformatted text preview: G UNIT TO FACILITATE DELIVERY To manage the delivery of the programme, we have set up the Economic Transformation Programme Unit (ETP Unit). ETP Unit is a division of PEMANDU, the Performance Management and Delivery Unit under the Prime Minister’s Department, reporting to PEMANDU’s Chief Executive Officer. The Economic Planning Unit is entrusted to prepare national development plans and allocate funding for all development projects. The ETP Unit will coordinate closely with the Economic Planning Unit to ensure delivery of EPPs. ETP Unit Will Drive Delivery of the Programme ETP Unit’s role is to: • Architect and lead the ETP The ETP Unit is tasked with bridging public and private sectors. It has already designed and led a Thousand Person Workshop to determine the NKEAs, facilitated the eight-week NKEA labs and held Open Days for the public. It is tasked with adapting the ETP to tackle any execution challenges and changes in the local or global economic environment; • Solve issues that arise and support implementation as needed Through regular meetings with EPP owners, ETP Unit will identify issues, bring relevant parties together and help resolve problems. ETP Unit may also raise issues to the highest levels of government, for example the Economic Council. In some cases, where no natural owner exists, the ETP Unit will be accountable to report progress on several EPPs; Economic Transformation Programme 115 A Roadmap For Malaysia • Bring necessary parties together to invest in EPPs In cases where there is no clear owner for EPPs or where fundraising efforts have not met targets, the ETP Unit may identify and bring together other units of Government that have not yet been involved in the process. For example, it may notify MIDA (which holds a mandate to mobilise investment from both domestic and foreign sources) where its support is required. It will also work with EPP owners on alternative ways of structuring and accessing investment; • Ensure accountability and intensely monitor delivery of outcomes ETP Unit is tasked with ensuring that each EPP has an owner, clear key performance indicators and milestones prior to distributing funds. It is also responsible for monitoring and reporting progress. As part of this process, a formal review will be held every six months between the Prime Minister and the relevant Lead Minister. In preparation for this review, ETP Unit will prepare a confidential report that summarises the progress of the NKEA over the previous six months and action plans for the next six months to resolve roadblocks to achieving targets. This report will be used by the Prime Minister as the basis for his formal performance review dialogues with the relevant Lead Minister; • Support communication and engagement, particularly to investors The ETP Unit will prepare and present the ETP on a regular basis through forums including investor road-shows, Invest Malaysia conferences and targetted outreach to potential high-impact investors including domestic and international funds; and • Provide an annual report to the public The ETP Unit is responsible for regular and transparent reporting across NKEAs. As part of this effort, it will publish an annual report to the public that will transparently describe the achieveme...
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