Table 3 3 gives an overview of the required actions

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Unformatted text preview: public universities, including topics like networks, server virtualisation and green IT (Business Services) and joint training to increase the number of certification auditors in the integrated aquaculture industry (Agriculture). Table 3-3 gives an overview of the required actions. Another important requirement for the success of the ETP is the development of senior management and leadership talent for the NKEAs. In this regard, the Talent Corporation (discussed below) will be involved in building the capabilities of top talent most needed for the NKEAs, such as the pivotal leaders and speed talent to propel the success of the EPPs. A coordinated approach to deliver the right level of training and education for these priority areas will be delivered by the Government. Talent Corporation, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Human Resources will coordinate with the relevant NKEA Lead Ministries to assess skills gaps and to devise and deliver appropriate courses. Many of these skill gaps will be in technical and vocational fields such as hospitality management and nursing. The Government is committed to supporting technical education and vocational training (TEVT) through harmonising accreditation across ministries, industries and private skills-training providers. Economic Transformation Programme 99 A Roadmap For Malaysia Table 3-3 Description Enablers required from EPPs Lead agency Training courses 29 EPPs, including Ministry of Higher • Healthcare (in coordination with Ministry of Health): Train more radiologists and sub-spets in various GNI impact (RM billion) 61.4 Education and Ministry of Human Resource radiology and pathology fields; partner with private healthcare providers to participate in allied health training programmes; establish centres of excellence for innovative care, research and speed education • Agriculture (in coordination with Ministry of Agriculture): Upgrade knowledge on standards for integrated aquaculture (IZAQ); issue guidance and procedures on seaweed farming operations • Business Services: Train 600 engineers to grow large pure play engineering services firms; run green technology seminars for financial institutions to help them fund and partner green technology start-ups • E&E (in coordination with Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation): Train talent in IC design, semiconductors, wafer and cell manufacturing; co-fund MSc and PhD programmes with private companies; introduce courses on soft skills; expand fast-track programmes for new industry hires • Tourism (in coordination with Ministry of Tourism): Set up training centres to produce local experts in the spa industry; train tourist police in foreign languages • Financial Services (in cooperation with Bank Negara Malaysia, Securities Commission): Provide training in speed areas like capital-market risk management, product development, speed trading, wealth management and asset management University courses and 15 EPPs, including Ministry of Higher modules • Agriculture (in coordination with Ministry of Agriculture): 17.4 Education Restructure existing agricultural courses to ensure sufficient emphasis on core fields such as animal nutrition, animal husbandry, animal breeding, agronomy and agriculture information and communications technology; increase places for newer fields such as aquaculture • Business Services: Invite foreign university to set up local campus to teach aviat...
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