While etp unit is focused primarily on ensuring

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Unformatted text preview: nts of the ETP and the rationale for any performance gaps, if any. The annual report will provide details across all NKEAs, all individual EPPs and their supporting enablers. The first report will be published in Q1 2012. Leadership, Reporting and Staff The CEO of PEMANDU will be held accountable to the Prime Minister, to ensure that the overarching GNI and job creation targets of the ETP are delivered. As such, he is expected to work closely and interact regularly with the Prime Minister and other leaders at the highest levels of Government to ensure the programme’s success. ETP Unit will have dedicated full-time staff to carry out its mandate. Staff will be selected through a rigorous process to identify and appoint the best and brightest people, not only from across the civil service, but also from the private sector. Staff will possess outstanding leadership skills and problem-solving abilities and share a passion for public service. They will be accountable for setting key performance indicators (KPI) and overseeing performance for NKEAs and specific EPPs. 116 Chapter 4 Implementation and Delivery Economic Planning Unit’s Linkage and Partnership with the ETP Unit The Economic Planning Unit is entrusted to prepare economic development plans for the nation, and ETP Unit will foster a close working partnership with it to carry out its mandate of ensuring EPP delivery. While ETP Unit is focused primarily on ensuring delivery of EPPs, the Economic Planning Unit will take a leadership role in closely related matters, including: • Allocating and disbursing funding for EPPs While the Cabinet and Parliament ultimately approve funding for the programme, the Economic Planning Unit is a driver of the process in that it reviews funding requests and provides feedback throughout. This is to ensure that funding is allocated to the highest impact EPPs. Once funding is allocated to specific EPPs, the Ministry of Finance is responsible for disbursing the funds on an annual basis. As part of this process, the Economic Planning Unit will ensure that specific KPIs and owners are identified before funding is disbursed, and that ongoing funding is not disbursed in cases where performance has not been met and where the Lead Minister advises against additional funding; • Incorporating the ETP into future Malaysia plans The Economic Planning Unit plays an important role in ensuring that the ETP is fully integrated into Malaysia’s five-year planning cycle. By incorporating the ETP into the Eleventh Malaysia Plan, the Economic Planning Unit ensures that there is alignment in the Government’s transformation agenda and that funding can continue without delay as part of the budget process; and • Ensuring that key enablers are in place The Economic Planning Unit will play a prominent role in driving many enablers identified under the NKEAs. It will need to ensure that these enablers are put into place swiftly to allow for timely implementation of the EPPs. For example, the Scaling Up Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) Centres EPP (under the Education NKEA) requires that the Economic Planning Unit work together with the Ministry of Finance to assist in securing preferential loans from government institutions. PERFORMANCE MONITORING AND REPORTING While having clearly defined roles and responsibilitie...
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