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Unformatted text preview: ion engineering (maintenance, repair and overhaul); introduce data centre courses • Healthcare (in coordination with Ministry of Health): Create links between Malaysian Masters programmes and international colleges for radiology and pathology • Palm Oil (in coordination with Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities): Increase the number of courses in chemical engineering, bio-engineering, food science, food technology, nutrition and health, product research and development and product design Total 78.8 100 Chapter 3 Enabling the Success of the ETP Overseas Talent The Government will attract Malaysians currently living and working in other countries to return to Malaysia as well as non-Malaysians to build their careers in Malaysia. There is significant potential in both of these areas. It is estimated that in 2009 there were over 700,000 Malaysians living abroad, with up to two-thirds of them, professionals. EPPs from many NKEAs require talent from overseas (Table 3-4 gives an overview), e.g. Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley, Education and Financial Services. While we recognise that many overseas Malaysians and non-Malaysians will choose to come to Malaysia for the opportunities created by the ETP, a substantial effort by the Government will be necessary to attract the sheer quantity of talent required. The Tenth Malaysia Plan reports that the number of skilled expatriates in Malaysia more than halved between 2000 and 2007, from 82,500 to 38,100. The actions that will be taken include: • Design and implement attractive expatriate packages (e.g. personal income tax incentives) for both overseas Malaysians and skilled non-Malaysians; • Design and implement marketing efforts (e.g. roadshows, targetted outreach); and • Assist expatriates with their applications to work in Malaysia (e.g. visas, work permits). The Talent Corporation will be established under the Prime Minister’s Department to lead initiatives to attract, motivate and retain the top talent that the nation most critically needs. In addition to delivering top Malaysian talent to support the ETP, the Talent Corporation will also: • Actively identify, engage and network with highly-qualified and talented members of the Malaysian diaspora. This will be through broad marketing efforts like roadshows and career fairs, but also through more targetted activities such as searching for and recruiting specific foreign talent; • Coordinate with the Immigration Department and diplomatic missions to reach out to foreign talent, ranging from those with required expertise in the NKEAs to graduates of top universities worldwide with high potential; and • Consolidate and enhance existing talent attraction programmes such as the Returning Expert (programme to encourage Malaysian citizens with expertise residing overseas to return to Malaysia) and Brain Gain (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation programme to attract talent pool of Malaysian diaspora and foreign researchers, scientist, engineers and technopreneurs). The Economic Planning Unit is leading the establishment of the Talent Corporation, which is expected to be formed by January 2011. Economic Transformation Programme 101 A Roadmap For Malaysia Table 3-4 Description Enablers required from EPPs Targetted communications and outreach 5 EPPs, including • Financial Services: Maintain a national database to track Malaysian financial services experts abroad and notify them of opportunities • Business...
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